The Amateur Martial Association (AMA)

The Amateur Martial Association (AMA)

The AMA started with the Amateur Karate Association in 1972 and later expanded to include other martial arts. Now the largest multi-style martial arts association in the UK, the AMA is also active on the international scene with members and associated members from many foreign countries.

In addition, the AMA is also affiliated to many international bodies some of which include: WCJJO, JJIF, WTF, ICKF, WAKO, WUKO and WKEA.

The AMA is controlled by an amateur executive committee with a general secretary, a president, vice president and various technical committees representing the different martial art styles. National coaching diplomas, NVQ courses, first aid, and refereeing courses are also available through the AMA. As well as the amateur executive, the amateur rule for contests is that no prize money or financial inducement may be awarded.

Professional instructors and proprietors are welcome in the AMA, but may not vote on the executive committee. International Atemi Jujitsu’s very own Renshi Bob Cowan was elected to the AMA, Jujitsu advisory and Technical committee in 2003.

The AMA also supports the GB Sport Ju-jitsu Squad at national and international level.