Sport Ju-jitsu

Sport Ju-jitsu

Sport Ju-jitsu is a modern, fast paced sport, blending a variety of fighting skills. Although owing its conception to Ju-jitsu, the sport is not hampered by ‘style’ or ‘system,’ and the skills employed can be found in a variety of martial arts.

The IAJJ runs Sport Ju-jitsu training sessions in tandem with our ordinary jujitsu classes and many students, especially the juniors, train in both disciplines.

To date, whilst competing in national tournaments, we have won in excess of fifty medals.

Some of our juniors are national champions and several of our students, including Bob Cowan have represented Great Britain in the WJJCO Championships in Canada and Jersey.

Renshi Bob Cowan and Sensei David are also qualified WCJJO referees and Sensei Andrew Morey is a WCJJO jusdge. Bob has also competed for Great Britain.

We are obviously very proud of all our competitors but, not everyone can be a winner and not everyone wants to compete – that doesn’t matter.

You can still take part , learn skills that will compliment your jujitsu , get fitter and have some fun. While we make every effort to encourage students to take part, our Sport Ju-jitsu sessions are not compulsory and have no bearing on a students progress through the standard jujitsu curriculum.

We currently run Sport training sessions: Monday nights for adults : Friday nights juniors and Saturday afternoon for juniors – check out our training venues page for details