Self Defence

Self Defence

Maybe you’ve considered learning some form of ‘self defence,’ you’ve always fancied having a go but feel intimidated by traditional martial arts schools.

Perhaps you only want some basic self defence training, maybe, from a female perspective, you don’t fancy rolling around on the floor with some sweaty guy wearing funny pyjamas!

Martial Arts isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You have to commit to regular training sessions, annual license fees, uniforms equipment etc. not to mention the odd bruise or two. The informality of a self defence class suits some people better.

Our instructors have run several ‘Self Defence’ classes over the years, either as a short term course over a selected number of weeks or as a one-off taster session. In the past, we’ve even run a women’s only martial arts club. You never know, once you’ve had a taste you may gain the confidence and interest to take up martial arts training on a regular basis.

Organisations we’ve recently run self defence courses for are:
nurses from Luton and Dunstable Hospital
students from Dunstable College
So, if you’re serious about ‘self defence’ but don’t want to commit yourself to a martial art we may be able to help you.