Kids and Jujitsu

Kids and Jujitsu

Parents know how fickle their children’s interests can be. It’s very easy for children to flit from one interest to another without any thought for their parents stress levels or bank balance and to us at least, it seems that more and more children want to try a martial art, either because they have a friend that does, are being bullied or they just fancy being the next Jackie Chan.

That’s great – all kids should be given the opportunity to have a go. That said, let’s just dispose of a few of misconceptions regarding kids and martial arts, at least kids wishing to join any of our clubs. These misconceptions are usually derived from dodgy advertising or a parents personal agenda.

Your child may become more confident, more respectful and more thoughtful to others by joining a martial arts club, but there’s no guarantee. Joining a club is a step in the right direction – most clubs encourage these basic ‘family’ values in all their students both adults and children. Your son or daughter may or may not become a black belt one day – we just don’t know. We certainly don’t promote anyone below the age of eighteen to this rank and to be brutally frank if, as a parent, your sole motivation for enrolling your child in a martial arts club is to see them wear a black belt, then don’t read any more, close this page and search for a club that’s willing to accommodate your wishes.

What we do promise is to teach your children basic self-defence. Ju-jitsu is a complex art, with many facets, so we try to keep things a little simpler for younger children and to keep things interesting, lessons also include, back to back wrestling, sparring, team games and basic first aid instruction.

This keeps the lessons varied, fun and lively. Young new-comers are often given a more experienced student to help them with the basics. This promotes confidence in the timid student and produces a friendly environment in which to learn. No new student is ever forced to participate in any of the activities if they do not want to, they are encouraged and if still reticent, left with the option of taking part on another occasion – which they usually do.

We take children from the age of 7yrs both girls and boys. Once a student reaches 16 years of age they become a cadet and are required to move up to the adult classes. If a child is large for his age, or shows confidence, a good aptitude, and seems capable, they may, in exceptional circumstances, be invited to join the adult class before their 16th birthday.

Kids and Sport Ju-jitsu

We also run a Sport Ju-jitsu Club. Sport Ju-jitsu employs many of the skills taught in our standard jujitsu classes but it’s theme is ‘sport’ rather than self-defence.

Many of our juniors have enjoyed medal winning success in recent years, competing in National and local club level Sport Ju-jitsu Championships. We’ve had a few British champions and in October 2005, Dean Flynn, a successful junior level competitor, won his first senior gold medal representing England at a tri-nations tournament in Jersey.

Although it will aid students preparing for their orange belt, which involves some of the skills employed in Sport Jujitsu, Sport Jujitsu training is voluntary, although we do encourage juniors to join in light sparring sessions at the end of most lessons.

Sport Ju-jitsu has no bearing on a students advancements through the jujitsu syllabuses and there are no current grades for Sport jujitsu. If any student wishes to try competition jujitsu then our Sport Ju-jitsu classes will prepare him or her.