How Do I Start Training?

How Do I Start Training?

Students must be at least seven years old and any age upwards, providing they are reasonably fit and suffer no serious ailments.

Please inform the instructor(s) if you are diabetic or asthmatic etc. You will have to declare this kind of information on your licence application should you wish to train regularly. You should also consult your doctor if you’re not used to rigorous physical exercise.

You can begin training by turning up at any of our venues – check the training venues page for details – and introduce yourself to the instructor.

Your First Lesson

To begin with, the only clothing you’ll need is a T-shirt and jogging or tracksuit bottoms. By the third training session you will need to confirm whether you want to continue training with us. If you do, you’ll need to complete and sign a club application form and pay for a licence – this will hold your insurance certificate and grading record, the instructor will supply the relevant application form or you can print out a PDF version here.

Your Uniform

Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art, although we don’t follow the traditionalists when it comes to using ‘Japanese’ to describe the techniques, we do follow basic ‘dojo’ etiquette. One of these is the wearing of a traditional uniform – a ‘gi’. Once you have joined and paid for your insurance you must also purchase a uniform. Uniforms can be ordered from our instructors. Costs are subject to change, so speak to the instructor about the items available. Please note that white gis must be worn by all students below black belt dan grade.


The licence, including your insurance certificate entitles you to train at any of our clubs, approved seminar locations and any Amateur Martial Associations martial arts school. Like most insurance premiums, student insurance cover must be renewed each year, this is done via completing our club(s) membership form, the same form used when applying for original membership. PDF version available here. Without a valid license/insurance you cannot continue to train at any of our clubs, compete in competition, attend AMA seminars and you are not permitted to grade.

Club Rules

Our license includes our organisation/club rules. These must be read and the back page of the license signed by the student. Students under 12 years will need their parents to sign on their behalf. To view a copy of these rules click here.

Students From Other Clubs

We welcome students from any martial art style or club. To train regularly you must complete an application form and join the club.

Training Fees

We do not demand ‘standing order’ payments or monthly fees; you pay as you train. Payments are made to the Sports Centres where our dojos are situated or directly to Renshi Cowan for all Saturday afternoon sessions at Dunstable and to Sensei Brown at his Sunday Stopsley venue.


Each student is responsible for ensuring that they maintain an acceptable level of hygiene before training. That means: Don’t leave your gi/uniform at the bottom of your kit bag until the next session – a washed and ironed gi creates a better impression of you than a crumpled stained one. Keep nails trimmed short, particularly toe nails and please ensure that your feet are clean.