Can You Make a Living as a Professional Jiu-Jitsu Fighter?

Can You Make a Living as a Professional Jiu-Jitsu Fighter?

It has crossed many minds throughout time if you can get anywhere by Jiu-Jitsu fighting. It’s a great activity that almost everyone is taking notice of.

People who do this type of fighting have told of their experience with it as being relaxing. It’s something that they can do without feeling so much pressure or don’t feel “limited” in their exercises or matches.

People are turning their old jobs into this one instead, for they find that it better fits them. The Mixed Martial Arts fighters go with Jiu-Jitsu compared to any other art because of its style and performance. This means that it’s a good way to make your living if you’re into Martial Arts.

They side with it because they feel they can do anything and whatever they want. That’s the way you should always feel when you are doing something that you enjoy.

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What is Jiu-Jitsu?

Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art, but a special one. Where you have no means of defense against your opponent except your skills and you quick recognition of attack and defense.

It is a very skilled art, and only if you put your heart into it can you be really successful in this path.


What can it do for You?

If you’re thinking about making a living off this though, you should really consider it carefully. It’s not like you get paid for it if you do it regularly. If you want to make money off of it, you should be doing sponsors and competing against other fellow fighters.

Another great thing you can do if you want to stick with this topic is going online and selling things. Don Faggella is a well-known competitor for Jiu-Jitsu and is also hosting an online page for this kind of thing and raises well around 45,000 US dollars every single month.

You can also use the creativity of Youtube, where you upload video tutorials or scenes of an event. Even upload photographs of the events in motion. That would get people’s attention like never before. When you capture that one special moment in mid-air, that leaves a deep impression on people and are willing to go for it.

So in other words, you can definitely make a living from this art, but you really need to work hard at it and don’t give up on it. It’s a long way and road to get there, but when you do, it will be easy from then on.