Global Online Martial Arts World Championships

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Global Online Martial Arts World Championships

You may like it or not, but the truth is that many sports are slowly getting their virtual forms. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are eventually going to disappear from the real world, but it’s more about bringing some new elements into the game. 

Take, for example, online sports betting — many people had not been interested in sports at all until they discovered many opportunities that online betting can provide. And slowly, while they were searching the best online gaming websites and deals like Bet9ja Promotion Code or many others, the sport also got under their skin. And we are not only talking about football or basketball, but also the disciplines like horse racing or Martial Arts. 

Hence, if you can place a bet and track the scores on the web, then why you shouldn’t try to train or even compete online?

How Did Martial Arts Become Virtual?

The first online Martial Arts school was founded back in 2008 as the Global Martial Arts University or GMAU. For more than a decade, this accredited online school gives home courses and teaches people basic and advanced Martial Arts skills. 

This global training platform provides a distance training program for thousands of students all over the world. It has proven to be very successful and productive with a large number of followers.

So, the idea of the first virtual Martial Arts tournament developed thanks to this concept of online training tutorials.

How Did Creators Imagine the First Online MA Tournament?

Every Martial Arts contest includes form and sparring. Since this competition is based on videos that competitors record and submit from different locations, it is not possible to organize a direct match between rivals. At least it’s not possible for now, with the available technology.

Instead, the Online Martial Arts World Cup is about the form in the following categories: Karate, Taekwondo, and Weapons.

  • Karate — Any competitor can opt for the style they prefer the most and do the kata of their choice. 
  • Taekwondo — As a second category, it is also an open-style competition.
  • Weapons — This category refers mostly to traditional weapon skills like bo, nunchaku, sai, tonfa, kama, katana, 3-section-staff, and jo. Competitors must perform kata and show proper techniques.

All competitors are divided into categories according to their age and experience. When evaluating, judges pay the most attention to technique, strength, posture, difficulty or challenge level, movement control, timing and the like.

How to Apply for GMA Online World Championship? 

If you wish to participate in the tournament, you need to apply online, by providing basic information like name, age, rank and the category you want to compete in.

On the day of the competition, you must access the official website, select the division and start recording. Don’t forget to bow, state your name, rank, and the name of the form you are performing. Only after that can you start with a demonstration.

After all participants upload their videos, judges will score their performance. You can track your scores in real time and find out very quickly about your ranking.

What to Expect from GMA Online World Championship?

This virtual Championship can give a chance to those people who are not willing to make public appearances but still want to show their skills. Moreover, it is an international tournament that brings people together and promotes the sport.

Perhaps, very soon, some new, modern technology will elevate this tournament to a higher level and introduce the advanced VR equipment that could provide real battle and sparring with the world’s best MA fighters.