Betting On Martial Arts

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Betting On Martial Arts

Since ancient times, martial arts have attracted particular attention of the audience. Various exercise systems, self-defense techniques, and skills were once part of traditional fights and tournaments. Today, it is not just a sport, but a part of one massive entertainment industry quite present on TV, the Internet, and global sports events. It has millions of fans all over the world, but also a huge interest of those who like betting. 

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For this reason, MMA betting is widely popular, and almost every match and tournament is covered by bookmakers. And since most punters use betting bonuses provided by the bookies to increase their potential winnings, it’s necessary to first understand how these bonuses work in terms of sports betting bonus requirements, withdrawal times, and so on.

Common Betting Types

Betting on martial arts has a bit different concept than betting on team league sports. First, there are no seasons or annual calendars in the schedule. Fighters or their promoters are contracting each match as ‘one at the time’. Moreover, to bet on fights, you need to choose one of the different types of bets mentioned below.

Moneyline Betting

It is the most straightforward and most appealing betting method for beginners. All you need to know in order to choose the fighter you believe will win is how the odds are interpreted. Moneyline shows the odds in the following way: if one fighter has odds with a minus sign, while his opponent has a positive number, the first competitor represents the favourite. A negative number indicates the amount you should bet, while the plus number indicates how much you need to invest. As the difference between odds increases, the name with a minus becomes more favoured.

Over / Under Round Betting

This type of betting concerns a match duration. Each martial arts match is divided into a certain number of rounds. You can bet that a match will have more or fewer rounds or that it will last shorter or longer. The odds are similar to the previous example — minus numbers represent a favourite.

Exact Round Betting

It carries a higher degree of score difficulty and, therefore, higher potential winnings. Bettors are posting money on the particular round in which they believe the match will end. Also, they can bet on the winning fighter in the exact round.

Round Betting

Similar to betting on a halftime winner at football, in the martial arts, it is possible to bet on the winner of a particular round. In live betting that is practised by some sportsbooks, bettors can place money during the match on their favourite in the upcoming round.

Method of Victory

Betting on victory, as the name implies, is presuming how a match will end. Winning martial arts can be by knockout, submission, or by decision. Moreover, bettors can place stakes on the judges’ decision. It may be unanimous, split, or majority.

Parlay Betting

Parlay bet, also known as accumulator or combo bet, is a single bet where bettors have two or more games at stake on the same ticket. It is carrying a considerable winning potential due to paired matches, but also a significant risk. However, if only one fight is lost, that means that the entire stake is lost as well.