What makes Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) so popular?

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What makes Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) so popular?

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, which is a full-contact, combat sport that got its name because it represents a mixture of techniques from five Olympic disciplines (boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, taekwondo and judo), together with other martial arts. Since MMA gyms and training centers seem to be popping up everywhere around us, it should not come as a surprise that this sport has been called “the world’s fastest-growing sport.” Here are a few reasons behind MMA’s rapid popularity growth in the past couple of years.

Fantasy MMA league and betting

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the latest sports to take its place in the market of online betting. Even though it is new to the fantasy sports club, it has very rapidly been gaining popularity on famous betting services, and certain betting sites such as vip-code.net are making it easier than ever for fans to bet on MMA fights since they offer great bonus codes for their bets.

Training Availability

A few years ago it would be difficult to find gyms where MMA training was available, since many other combat sports, such as karate or boxing, were more popular. The situation has changed greatly with the emergence of specialized MMA training centers that combine traditional combat disciplines and contribute to the rapid growth of the number of professional MMA fighters.


MMA owes some of its popularity to the fact that it is not restricted to any nationalities or genders. By introducing new weight classes in both male and female categories, it has made it possible for athletes of all sizes to take their place and fight for a living. Moreover, unlike in some other sports, it is more likely that the number of MMA weight classes will increase in the next couple of years.   

Greater Understanding of the Sport

By taking its well-deserved place in the media, MMA has made it possible for the fans to better understand its rules and regulations. This has helped in overcoming the stigma of combat sports being simply bloody fights and making the audience realize the complexity of rules and techniques used in MMA.

MMA in Movies

Over the years, MMA was the theme of many Hollywood movies such as  “Never Back Down” (2008), “The Philly Kid” (2012), and “Here Comes The Boom” (2012) with some of the world’s most famous actors, like Tom Hardy for example, portraying MMA fighters. Moreover, many professional MMA fighters are getting cast in Hollywood blockbusters just like Gina Carano in “Haywire” (2011) and “Deadpool” (2016). This is, of course, making fans more engaged and many people more interested in Mixed Martial Arts.