Interesting and Unusual Martial Arts Tournaments

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Interesting and Unusual Martial Arts Tournaments

Martial arts tournaments take place all over the world and are very interesting to both the competitors and those who are watching. People love martial arts tournaments for a couple of reasons, mainly because they are fun due to the skill of the competitors, but also because they make a good betting ground. Sportsbooks all over the world love huge martial arts tournaments like the UFC.

They prep the bonus codes and huge online bookmakers offer quite the list of tournaments. Looking at Betway odds, people can find favorable bets, possibly even profitable, if enough research is done.

But once you go through the main, huge martial arts tournaments, there still are the smaller ones, for the true fans. Here is a list of those, smaller, or less-known, but still interesting tournaments.

Hip Show

This used to be one of the most interesting shows/tournaments which was organized in Russia. It was called Hip Show: Arena Combat and featured people fighting in a mixed martial arts style, in an arena which had different levels. The competition was a two versus two event and joint locks and choke holds were prohibited during the first couple of rounds. It was definitely an interesting tournament, one that took it to the next level, quite literally in this case.


This is a form of boxing associated with a group of people from Western Africa called the Hausa. The form traditionally had people use ropes instead of gloves, without actual weight regulations. They were usually evenly matched in size and height. Some fighters had their hands covered in resin and shards of glass stickied to their fists but that has been since made illegal.

The tournaments, fights, end when either a knee, hand, or entire body touches the ground. The fights also end when there is no activity and when one of the participants calls for it. There is no time limit in these fights.

Armored Combat League

Unlike the previous two tournaments which you cannot really often find anywhere other than their specific countries, even then, it is not as easy, the Armored Combat League has competitions all over the United States. Full armor, according to historical records and sword fighting. What more can any medieval fan want? Plus, it is not gender limited, so female knights can also participate.

Major cities have their own chapters and their own crests of arms. They are also separated by regions, each region having their own captain.

Pillow Fight League

Pillow fights with women only. It is an interesting, semi-professional tournament which pits women against one another. A lot of things is allowed, such as choke holds, clotheslines, leg drops, submission holds, but only if a pillow is used to execute the moves. The rest of the rules mimic regular fight rules, such as a time limit, number of rounds and who the winner is going to be, whether through pinfall, surrender or a referee interference.

These are some of the most interesting martial arts tournaments in the world.