5 Awesome Martial Arts Games You Can Play Online

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5 Awesome Martial Arts Games You Can Play Online

Remember when you were a little tyke, and you couldn’t wait to go to the arcade and get your butt kicked by your cousin at one of the many fighting games? We’ve come a long way since then, and there are no more old arcades, with people staying at home, tweeting, updating Facebook, or checking out the bonuses from the 888 casino. However, don’t despair, as the fighting games kept evolving, and here are five that have kept up with the times and are playable online.

Mortal Kombat X

The original game came out way back in 1992 and had only a handful of characters. Since then, it has been reimagined, revamped, and resurrected time and time again. The story was originally very simple, but the decades made it convoluted, and the movesets have improved and become more complex. You can still burn your enemies with Scorpion and freeze them with Sub-Zero, but you can now watch as your opponent’s jaw and spine break while you’re wailing on them.

Soul Calibur 6

This is one of those games that became popular with the PlayStation era. As in previous games, you and your opponent control a weapon-wielding fighter, while trying to destroy each other or launch one another out of the ring. You can create your own custom characters, and there are guests from other video-game franchises.

Street Fighter V

Designed specifically for online play, with the option of playing with your friends at home, Street Fighter V allows you to hone your skills with your favorite character and keeps you on your toes with constant character nerfs and updates. There are all kinds of special moves, and the game is so popular that there are tournaments all over the world. You can follow some of them on Twitch!

Tekken 7

The game shares a character with Soul Calibur, called Yoshimitsu. Interestingly enough, in the previous installments of the game, Yoshimitsu was the only character with a weapon. Fighters with all body types (and some not even human) enter the tournament for their own respective reasons, which is something we’ve seen in previous installments of the game. There are now new (special) moves, characters, and updates to the story, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Guilty Gear Xrd

If you’re tired of the 3D fighting and are looking for a more fast-paced, action-packed 2D fireworks, this game is for you. Like its predecessors, it does not disappoint in terms of animation, story, special moves, missions, and more.

While it is available online, there have been rumors about online play being dead, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Regardless, it is still a fun game you and your friends can enjoy.